Citrine Range–The Summer Collection

Citrine Range–The Summer Collection

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Suitable for the Tan skin – The Central, East Asians, Mediterraneans, Middle easterners
Triple tea cleanser, restoring moisturizer, skin perfecting serum, Intense multicorrection night cream

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Complete Anti aging skin care collection with cleanser, moisturizer, day serum and night cream- Race & season specific Suitable for maintenance, treatment and prevention of problems related to the tan skin types: Central and East Asians – Eg: Japanese, Koreans, Chinese Mediterraneans – Eg: Spanish, Greeks Middle Eastern Eg: Arabs, Iranians, Armenians

  • Skin rejuvenation system, minimizes the sunspots and fine lines, helps to maintain smooth skin texture
  • Suitable for summer & fall seasons, Recommend to use with Broad-spectrum sunscreen with the SPF above 30 is recommended during this season
  • Made in Canada, Paraban free, no animal testing
  • Skin Colour Specific
  • Bespoke