Individualized Skincare.  

Précieux is the latest in skincare technology based on the genetic background of an individual. This  novel approach to skin care targets problems related to specific ethnic groups. 


Understanding Your Skin. 

Our genetic background determines the characteristics of our skin. It is also responsible for the differing degree of the ageing process and the disparities in the response of skin to skin care products.

Fair Skin

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OPAL RANGE Summer/Fall Collection

Suitable for Fair Skin – Nordic & European genetic background.

Includes: Hydrating lactic cleanser, Refining moisturizer, anti-aging serum with vitamin C & collagen, High potency anti- aging cream with retinol, peptides & hyaluronic acid.

Tan Skin

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CITRINE RANGE  Summer/Fall Collection

Suitable for Tan Skin – Central & East Asians, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern skin types.

Includes: triple tea cleanser, restoring moisturizer, skin perfecting serum, intense multi-correction night cream.


Dark Skin

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GARNET RANGE  Summer/Fall Collection

Suitable for Dark Skin – South Asian, African, Afro-Caribbean.

Includes: Salicylic cleanser, revitalizing moisturizer, Intense skin lightening serum, Retinol rejuvenation cream.





Pigmentation is one of the most important variants amongst the human races. Four main pigments are responsible for the varying complexion amongst individuals. The haemoglobin and oxyhaemoglobin contribute to the pinkish colour of the fair skin group.

The fair skin races include:                                                                The Nordics – Eg: Swedish, Norwegians, Danish
The Europeans–Eg: French, English, Irish, Germans

Exposure to sunlight can cause burns in this group, and they never or rarely tan. The signs of photo aging can be revealed early in the form of wrinkles, facial sagging and pigmentation. Actinic keratosis, pre- cancerous lesions and skin cancers can result from prolonged sun exposure.
The fair skin group responds well to lasers and peels treatment. The bruising can be obvious but the scars settle well.

The ingredients in Précieux – OPAL range are specifically selected for daily maintenance and to address the problems related to the fair skin group of individuals.

Tan Skin

This group consists of individuals with tan or olive skin. The races that can be included in this group are:

Central and East Asians – Eg: Japanese, Koreans, Chinese
Mediterraneans – Eg: Spanish, Greeks
Middle Eastern Eg: Arabs, Iranians, Armenians

A mixture of pigments contributes to the colour of the skin and the yellow hue is caused by carotenes. The reaction to sunlight is variable in this group. Exposure to sunlight may cause tanning, and they rarely burn. The signs of ageing may appear later, and photo ageing may be revealed in the form of keratosis and pigmented patches. The wrinkles and sagging of the skin appear later and the risk of skin cancer is less compared to fair skin types. The response to cosmetic treatment modalities is variable, with erythema and moderate risk of hyperpigmentation.

The ingredients in Précieux – CITRINE range are specifically selected for daily maintenance and to address the problems related to the tan skin group of individuals.

Dark Skin

The melanin pigment mainly causes the shades of brown complexion in this group. The melanin pigment also provides protection to the skin from UV exposure. The darker skin races includes:

The South Asians: Eg: Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans
Africans, Afro-Caribbean, Sudanese

The signs of ageing in the darker skin races appear later than the other groups. Wrinkling and facial sagging are uncommon and noted at a later stage. The skin is protected from UV radiation by the pigments. When exposed to sunlight the skin tans easily, but rarely burns. The risk of skin cancer is low compared to other skin types. Long-term exposure to sunlight causes pigmentation changes and dyschromia in darker skin races. The dark skin tends to have low water content and a higher rate of water loss, which may lead to dry skin. Lasers and peels can cause pigmentation changes and treatment should be planned very carefully. Medium peels and lighter lasers can be considered after patch testing. These individuals also have a high risk of thicker scar and keloid formation.

The ingredients in Précieux – GARNET range are specifically selected for daily maintenance and to address the problems related to dark skin group of individuals.


Dr. Raveendran is a Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon, completed her training in Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons. She completed the Masters degree in Aesthetic Surgery at the Queen Mary University, London, UK and was trained in cosmetic surgery. She worked in many prestigious hospitals in the United Kingdom such as Guys & St. Thomas’s hospital, St. Bartholomew’s hospital, St. Andrew’s centre, Broomfield and Chelsea & Westminster hospital.

Dr. Raveendran was involved various research projects and has published several scientific papers in Plastic surgery and Aesthetics in the peer reviewed journals. She has also presented in several international meetings and is an invited reviewer of several International Journals.

 After practicing in the plastic surgical field for more than a decade, Dr. Raveendran established Toronto Medical Aesthetics, the institute that provides advanced medical skin care and rejuvenation in the province of Ontario. With her extensive experience in the Plastic surgery and Medical Aesthetics she created this unique skin care line - Précieux which is formulated to treat and prevent the problems related to specific ethnic groups.